Neha talks to Tom Bailey

People who know me are aware that I am a big neo soul fan and I adore artists like D’Angelo and Maxwell. So when I first heard Tom Bailey’s music on Ronnie Herel’s Big RnB Show (MiSoul Radio) I thought wow – this is exciting. Because Tom Bailey oozes that sensual soul / R’n’B /…

Neha talks to Darien Dean

Listen back to Neha’s interview with Darien Dean. The multi-talented artist, suitcase in hand, on his way to the airport to return back to New York, popped into the Pulse88 studio to talk about his recent time in Europe, his upcoming album ‘Notes from the Journey’ and so much more. Check it out below.

Neha talks to Samm Henshaw

Samm Henshaw is definitely one of the best gems from current UK music. His hugely anticipated EP ‘The Sound Experiment’ was dropped just over a week ago and within two days it had already hit the top 10 in the iTunes RnB/Soul chart. The EP brings us a fusion of soul, gospel, hip hop and…

Neha talks to Timotha Lanae

   Listen back to Neha’s interview with Timotha Lanae. Timotha talks about her inspirations, other projects and new single ‘8 Days Til’ Spring’ which is featured on the ‘So Soulful Collection Volume 2’ album. Check it out.

Neha talks to: LYDIA RENE

Neha caught up with the talented neo soul singer / songwriter Lydia Rene on the Music for the Soul Show, Urban Jazz Radio over Skype. Lydia Rene currently has her album ‘Vintage Heart’ out currently available to download Lydia explained in the interview that the content of her new album is based on love…