Danex talks about moving to London, Cheap Talk & performs acoustically in #TheVIBEJamSessions


The super lovely Danex joined me on my radio show and sang two songs in #TheVIBEJamSessions; ‘Cheap Talk’ and ‘Put Your Hands On My Body’.

Danex explained to me in our interview that she moved to London as a spur of the moment  decision to follow her dream of music. Since then, she has released the ‘Oakwood’ EP and a few stand alone singles including ‘Put Your Hands On My Body’ which so far has racked up over 1 million Spotify streams. I am not surprised to be honest. It is a GREAT song and I absolutely loved the acoustic version she did for me and my listeners on the show.

More recently, she has dropped a new single called ‘Cheap Talk’ which is a fun song that gives a real feeling of female empowerment.

Safe to say, I am a fan and I cannot wait to see what else she releases in the future. Watch the performances and interview below.

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