Mullally talks about ‘Sweet Coffee’ & performs in #TheVIBEJamSessions


I’m such a big fan of Mullally’s music so having him come on the show for the second time to perform in The VIBE Jam Sessions was a treat!

He recently released his latest single ‘Sweet Coffee’ featuring London singer Bassette. Produced by P2J (Stormzy, Lily Allen, Yungen), the song highlights the star’s powerful vocal ability positioning him as someone we should all be keeping an eye and ear on this year. Combining soft melodies and touching harmonies, Mullally perfectly blends his inspirations from the worlds of R&B, pop and soul, marrying them together to create a blissful all-encompassing sound.

He performed the new single along with one of his previous singles ‘Wonderful’. We also talked about his musical journey, what it is like being signed to a major record label and how Phillip Schofield got his name wrong on ITV’s Good Morning! Check out the videos below.

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