The Fedz talk about their collective and perform an acoustic jam session on #TheVIBE


In the last year or so, The Fedz have been giving me a breath of fresh air. Formed in 2015 by Grammy and BRIT winning producers, the idea of this collective was to amalgamate like-minded producers and musicians with young unknown artists into a true collective featuring fresh talent. Since they have come on the scene, they have given us a range of songs that tick all the right boxes. As well as them doing amazing vocals and the core production, finishing touches have been added to their songs by some of the best in the industry including Quest Love!

I was so lucky to have some of the group drop by the studio to have a chat and do a jam session. It was amazing – especially the Pharrell mash up. It blew me away! Watch it as well as the other performances and interview below and thank me later!

Follow The Fedz: @thefedzmusic

Follow Neha: @thisisneha_


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