Neha talks all things R’n’B with the creators of R’n’B platform ‘CRnB’

20161116_141438000_iosMy radio show is all about promoting new R’n’B. It is to show people that the genre is still alive and has evolved into something exciting, especially in the UK scene. I love this genre, so you can imagine how excited I was when Nadia Jae, Sabrina and Mika launched CRnB.

CRnB is a platform that promotes all things RnB. The ‘C’ in the name stands for ‘contemporary’ and their scope includes a range of items such as visuals, playlists, music, culture and events.

Nadia Jae and Sabrina popped into the Pulse88 studio to have a chat with me about all things RnB! We talked about what they are doing, current artists to watch our for and their debut event which is taking place on Thursday 17th November. Make sure you check it out! Details are in the flyer.

Listen back to the interview below and when you get a chance, check out their website.


Insta / Twitter: @crnbonline


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