Stanaj talks about his UK fans, Chris Brown & Kim Kardashian endorsing him and his new EP ‘The Preview’


Earlier this month, American singer/songwriter Stanaj visited London for his first fan based show, ever. I already knew he had a huge following on social media – his Instagram following alone is 300k+. He explained to me two days later when I interviewed him that his fanbase grew when celebrities like Chris Brown and Kim Kardashain caught on to his music and shared it on their social media. I wasn’t surprised to see the show was sold out however, I was surprised to see how many dedicated he fans he has in the UK. I assumed that all of his following was probably US based.

During the concert, Stanaj, with his Justin Timberlake meets Justin Bieber vocals, performed all four songs from his debut EP “The Premiere” and the audience knew every word. The place was packed and the atmosphere was great. My favourite moment is when he did a cover of Craig David’s ‘Walking Away’ which was really nostalgic for me. He gave the song a contemporary twist which to be honest, could be released today as his own and it would be a hit.

Recently signed to Virgin Records, Stanaj is one to watch. It was great catching up with and you can tell he is fun, energetic and loves what he does. We talked about how he started out by singing in his mother tongue, Albanian, how he finds London and his new appreciation for Garage and Grime! Check out the full interview below.


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  1. vicland says:

    This is awesome! I got an interview with Stanaj, check it out 🙂


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