Maya Blu talks about her 25 year music career and her new single ‘Good Man’


Music veteran Maya Blu joined me in the Pulse88 Radio studio to have a chat about her new single ‘Good Man’ and her music career thus far.

The R’n’B and Soul singer whose real name is Michelle Escoffery started her music career as a child. At one point she was signed to Atlantic Records in the states when she was in a girl group with her sisters. You may actually know her better from her feature on Artful Dodger’s ‘Think About Me’ (click here to watch the video). She also wrote Liberty X’s single ‘Just a Little’ which was No.1 int the UK charts.

Now a days she is releasing solo material. Last year we saw her drop an EP entitled ‘Slow Dance’ (available for purchase on iTunes) and now she is back with her new single ‘Good Man’. Maya said that she is in a really good place at the moment which is what inspired the song.

I had a great time chatting with her and will definitely be having her on the show again. Check out the interview below.

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