Vibing with Neha – Episode 3 – M.Artz


In the third episode of ‘Vibing with Neha’, I caught up with spoken word artist M.Artz.

It is really surprising to me that he has only been doing his craft for 3 years. With a music video already out that is beyond professional and with delivery that draws you in and makes you believe and feel everything he is saying, you would think he has been doing this from a very young age.

The poet started his art by performing at open mic nights including Natalie Stewart’s a.k.a. the Floacist’s popular London event ‘Flo Vortex’ and now is about to release his debut EP with a music video for each song. I was lucky enough to get a performance of one of his singles ‘Zone 2’ and the video to that will be out soon so watch this space!

In M.Artz’ on words, he wants to win Grammies and with his level of confidence and determination, he might just do that. Watch the video below to see the full interview and his performance.

(In association with ROACH TV)

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