Neha talks to Teedra Moses

Listen back to when I interviewed the lioness herself, Teedra Moses on Pulse88 Radio. Teedra talked about her new album ‘Cognac & Conversation’, her inspirations, her friendship with Rick Ross and much more.

If I had to describe Teedra Moses in one word, it would be “REAL”. She is so down to earth and it was a very open interview and an opportunity to get to know the R’n’B singer. When asked who Teedra Moses is behind the music, she replied with:

“I’m a mother to twin sons Ras and Taj. I’m sister to Toya, Tamia and Michael, my brother and sisters. We are very very close because our parents have been deceased… I’m so vulnerable and people don’t know that. I come off so tough, like I got it all together. I’m so out of control. I’m super vulnerable and I’m sensitive. I think that I am very strong though. You know, in saying all of that, as vulnerable as I am and as sensitive as I am, out of survival, I will always get it together and not fall completely apart. I fall apart but my comeback game is real strong where I can get it together real quick. I’m just a really real person. Like I’m probably more addicted to wanting to be loved than most people. And not in the sense that most people want everyone to love them because some people just want to get it from anywhere but I am really on a lifetime mission to connect with a man in a great way because my relationships with men haven’t been very well… I’ve only had one boyfriend in my life and have dated maybe about 3 or 4. I had kids young so I didn’t have time to do a lot of that. But now that my kids are grown… that’s one of the things that’s most important to me – to have a successful relationship where I can be a backbone to a man, love him and support him and he can give me the same thing. And that’s probably something I guess you can hear in the music but you wouldn’t see it in my personality”          

What a beautifully honest answer. So what is Teedra’s personality like? She described herself as not being as deep as her music portrays her to be and that she has a goofy, fun side to her.

If you want to find out more about her and hear some music from her new album, check out the interview below.

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