Neha talks to: SIAIRA SHAWN

In February, Siaira Shawn caught up with Neha on the Music for the Soul Show, Urban Jazz Radio via Skype, all the way from Brooklyn. Siaira spoke to Neha about her career so far and what lies in the future. Listen to the full interview below.

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, the talented singer-songwriter has been taking us through a musical journey including with ‘Ghost’ EP in 2013 and now with a 3 volume EP series ‘Flowers While You’re Here’.

The first EP in the series ‘Camellia‘ will be released on April 7, followed by ‘Lily‘ in May, and ‘Iris‘ in July.  According to Siaira, each EP will give listeners a different musical vibe and express the love, vulnerability, and truth you should share with your loved ones, and yourself “while you’re here.”

The first single from the first installment of the series, ‘Know How’, was shared towards the end of March. Check out the YouTube link below to listen.

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