NEW EP: Bluey Robinson ‘The Cool EP’

Ok so the new EP from UK R’n’B / soul singer Bluey Robinson isn’t exactly brand new. It has been out for a little while and I am ashamed to admit that I only just listened to it. Especially since I am a big fan of Bluey.

The first time I saw Bluey perform was at the Jazz Cafe in London. He was the support act at that particular gig and I was blown away. I also remember attending his sold out headline gig in London a couple of years ago and I remember thinking this guy is a born performer. 

You may remember his well known song ‘Showgirl’. Have a Youtube search and I guarantee you will recognise it. 

So, with such a big fan base, why isn’t Bluey a signed huge artist in the UK? I don’t know. I am baffled. You all know I am a HUGE supporter for UK talent and Bluey is right up there in my list of the best British talent we have. 

His latest EP has taken a slightly different direction to his previous material. It is more on the neo soul side. It is smooth, it is chilled, it is so good. You can download it for free on his website.

Check it out and let me know what you think. I will be rinsing it on the Music for the Soul Show, Urban Jazz Radio. 

N x


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