Kanye tells fan to throw their Nike’s away

Kanye is at it again but was quite playful and entertaining in the below video. He actually seemed like he was in quite a good mood. When coming out of the airport Kanye saw a fan with Nike sneakers and offered him to send him some of his new Yeezy Adidas sneakers if he throws the Nike ones away. He was also joking around with the paparazzi guy who was filming the whole thing. Clearly Kanye was familiar with him.

Kanye was asked about the Beck situation from the Grammys. When asked whether he had heard of Beck before the awards ceremony, he responded “come on man I love Beck, but he can’t have album of the year”.

It was all quite entertaining to watch until it got a bit disrespectful towards the end when one of the paparazzi (not the guy filming it) asked Kim Kardashian what Bruce Jenner will change his name to when he becomes a woman.

We also got a cheeky glimpse of North towards the end and she is so cute!

Check out the video.


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